Development, analysis and project adjustment

Medical Innovative Technologies

"Medical Innovative  Technologies" offers a service for the development of a new and analysis of an existing project of any profile, as well as preparation for the examination of the project.


The implementation of a project for the creation or reconstruction of a medical facility is a complex multi-stage holistic process with a large number of interested parties (IPs), as well as various sources of funding. All wishes of the customer and all interested parties are taken into account for the successful implementation of the project.

Our advantages

  • Highly qualified medical and technical staff with many years of experience in health care;
  • The use of project management tools in the development of a project of any complexity;
  • Multidisciplinary innovative approach to solve non-standard problems in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Project implementation in the short term;
  • Knowledge of the latest technology, equipment, diagnostic and treatment techniques for the development of an effective modern medical organization project.

Analysis of the project, depending on the goals and objectives may include:

  • Analysis of the initial materials of the project, architectural plans (technological solutions), technical documentation and other data;
  • Analysis of the condition and maintenance of buildings, structures, engineering networks and systems (heating, water supply, sewerage, ventilation, electricity, gas supply, etc.);
  • Conducting a technical and technological audit of medical and technological equipment in an existing medical organization;
  • Assessment of the state of post-warranty service of medical equipment;
  • Assessment of the sanitary and epidemiological state of the facility;
  • Analysis of the current situation: demographic data, morbidity statistics, structure, performance of the medical organization, etc., to determine the potential and satisfied need for medical services and further justification of the project;
  • Analysis of investment opportunities: national and local budgets, state strategic programs, road maps, extra-budgetary funding, etc;
  • Determination of non-compliance of the project with requirements of Sanitars rules and norms of Republic of Kazakhstan, JCI, etc.;
  • Preparation and issuance of recommendations for medical and technological solutions, medical equipment, implementation of measures aimed at optimizing their activities;
  • Making recommendations for comprehensive solutions and medical innovations.

Our team

Zakharov Igor
Zakharov Igor
General Director
Petrov Sergey
Petrov Sergey
Deputy of General Director of Projet Management
Sarsenov Nurbek
Sarsenov Nurbek
Technical Director
Manasov Amir
Manasov Amir
Director of Turnkey Projects
Chaldayeva Makpal
Chaldayeva Makpal
Commercial Director
Abdildina Gaukhar
Abdildina Gaukhar
Medical Director
Pavlenko Yelena
Pavlenko Yelena
Head of the Medical Engineering Department


About us
Years of experience
Completed projects

Stages of project development

Preparation of a medical and technical task;
Functional zoning of the project;
Conclusion of a contract with a project organization for a feasibility study and detailed project (in the case of a two-stage design);
Collection and coordination of technical specifications (TS);
Development of an album of design and estimate documentation;
Medical and technological design of specialized sections of the project for the Ministry of Defense technological solutions, clean room complexes (CP), medical gas supply systems (MG);
Obtaining a National Centre for Expertise of Medicines and Medical Devices expert opinion on clinical and technical feasibility studies and TS (Medical Devices)
Market analysis and selection of necessary medical and laboratory, technological equipment in accordance with the terms of reference for design;
Coordinate the list of medical equipment with representatives of the MOE;
Obtaining an expert opinion on the analysis of the marginal price for medical products and medical devices in National Centre for Expertise of Medicines and Medical Devices (designer/supplier);
Placement of equipment by rooms, departments with indication of engineering connections and recommendations to related sections of the project;
Preparation of project presentation;
Support of the project when passing the State Expertise and obtaining a positive conclusion;
Conclusion of a contract for construction and installation work and the start of construction;
Planning the timing and cost of project implementation throughout the life cycle, in accordance with project management standards.

Multidisciplinary hospitals

Hospital of Medical Center of Presidents Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana

Hospital of ministry of internal affairs, 200 beds, Astana;

Multifunctional clinical hospital for 300 beds, Taldykorgan;

City Multisectoral Hospital for 300 beds in Oralsk

Regional Children Hospital for 300 beds,Aktobe



Oncology clinics with radiation diagnostics and therapy centers

Multidisciplinary “Center of Oncology and Surgery, 4-5 floors, Ust-Kamenogorsk;

Scientific National Cancer Center, Astana;

Oncological dispensary for 240 beds, Astana;

Onco Hematological Center, Ust-Kamenogorsk.


Obstetric facilities

City Maternity Hospital No. 3 for 150 beds, Astana;

Perinatal center for 100 beds, Tashkent, Uzbekistan;

Maternity hospital for 150 beds, Otegen Batyr, Almaty.


Infectious Disease Hospitals

Infectious Diseases Hospital for 230 beds, Astana;

Quickly erected modular infectious disease hospitals, 8 hospitals in Kazakhstan;

City Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital named after I.S. Zhekenova, Almaty.


Tuberculosis (phthisiopulmonological) centers

Regional TB dispensary, Ust-Kamenogorsk;

Regional TB dispensary, Aktobe.


Stroke centers

Central District Hospital, Altai;

Central regional hospital, Ayaguz;

Emergency Hospital, Semey.


Outpatient and polyclinic organizations

City polyclinics (АПК) No. 6 and No. 10, Astana.

Health resorts

“Almaty” sanatorium of The Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty);

Sanatorium of The Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the shore of Lake Balkhash.


Private multidisciplinary medical centers

(areas: cosmetology, rehabilitation, dentistry, ophthalmology, etc.)

Private clinic “Sofie Medgroup” with 60 beds, Aktau;

California Center for Plastic Surgery, Astana;

Orbis Medical Center, Astana;

Dental clinic, Tashkent;

Medical Center, Astana.


Quick-erected modular complexes/buildings (medical waste decontamination, PCR diagnostics, CT diagnostics, endoscopy, first-aid posts, etc.)

Modular PCR-diagnostic complexes – Regional Hospital of Urdzhay district,

Regional Hospital of Kurchumskiy district, City Hospital №2, Semey;

Modular complexes for decontamination of medical waste -11 objects of medical and preventive institutions., Almaty;

Modular complexes of CT – State polyclinics No. 25, No. 36, Almaty.


ASC (ambulatory surgery centers), transplantation and robotic surgery centers, emergency reception departments of 3HS, cardiac surgery centers, centers for rehabilitation and rehabilitation treatment of respiratory organs (post-COVID), orthopedic / traumatological, etc.)

Cardiocenters, Aktobe, Pavlodar;

City Hospital №1 (Transplant Center and Robotic Surgery Center), Ust-Kamenogorsk;

Emergency Hospital (ЦАХ), Semey and etc.

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